First off let me say I did allot of research before I made a decision for my home security system. I called all of the main company’s and the smaller company’s. I went with PCS because they took the time to answer all my questions and concerns that I had. We planed the system out and covered my homes vulnerable points . When it was time for the install they were prompt, respectful of me and my home and did a remarkable job. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family.

Charlotte, NC
Installed 4/2/14
Surveillance system

John Moore Jr.

When I called for a video camera security system I called Spectacular Security. They came out right away and installed the entire system within hours. I was extremely pleased with their professionalism, promptness and courtesy. I highly recommend this company for all your security needs. They took the time to explain to me everything they were doing and answered all my questions. I am now safe and very happy.

Gastonia, NC
installed 3/14/14
Surveillance system


He was very professional, the equipments are working great. He was here on time everyday. I would recommend them.

Kings Mountain, NC
Installed 3/7/14
Surveillance system & Security system

Joseph L

The service, the quality, the professionalism, and everything about you and your company is awesome! Will recommend and brag on you any chance I am given​.

Bethune, SC
Installed 1/28/2014
Surveillance system


They are punctual, friendly, they evaluate what your needs are. Their recommendation is based on your needs, not up-selling products. I would highly recommend them

Durham, NC
Installed 1/9/14
Surveillance System

Laura K

Thank you guys so much. In love with all the options I have with the alarm system. The lights and door locks are truly a lifesaver. Anytime I have a question about anything your staff is very knowledgeable about the products you have. I will definitely tell everyone about you guys. Thank you so much and look forward to see the new goodies you come up with.

Jacksonville, NC
Installed 10/15/2013
Surveillance System
Alarm System
Home Automation


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